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Heyo! It's be awhile!

I've been trying to figure my life out.. Again. Does anyone really have that figured out?? I'm learning the answer is no 9 times out of 10.

Anyways, I've still been listening to music because it's about the only thing that is consistent in life right now. I thought I'd be able to sit and get these song roundups out weekly. HA! Here we are months later and I've got some new favorites.

First off, follow me on Spotify! Each month I create a new playlist and add songs that I've liked or just want to listen to again later that have been released. I also have a playlist that is basically a sneak peek inside my soul if anyone needs to run through that. If you see me jamming out in my car alone, it's probably with this on.

Short and sweet, here are some songs or artists I can't get enough of right now.

In no particular order...

You've probably hopped on the Hardy train by now, but this song was released July 24 and I have had it on repeat. So far Hardy can do no wrong and I just hope that continues.

F2020 - Avenue Beat

Okay, I'm really just proud of these girls. They were big on Disney Radio with "Ruin That For Me" and "Delight" and now they've released this song after going viral on TikTok. “It’s like that was baby us,” Backoff agrees in a Rolling Stone article released July 22. I agree 100%. I got to meet the girls in San Antonio back in December and could tell they were personable, witty, and just funny. I'm happy that TikTok let them show their personality to build a fan base organically like they have the last couple months. Give "I don't really like your boyfriend" a listen while you're at it because I know almost every girl out there can relate.

I linked the acoustic version of this because those always stand out a little more to me.

Yesterday I was pushing next to a bunch of songs that Spotify wanted me to listen to and this guy popped up. His album "Country Fried" was released July 3 and I spent the night listening. Coolest part? He's from Lamar, AR. I remember seeing him on American Idol, but I guess I never put the Arkansas part together. A few more favorites from the album: My Grandpa, You Mean A Lot To Me, Midnight Fire, and Leaving You for Me

Lie to Me - Sam Riggs

Vinyl - Upchurch

Young Man - The Dixie Chicks

Bonus song that I assume 99% of you reading this already have heard - God's Country. Not new, but Devin Dawson was one of the writers and his version will always be my favorite. Thank me later!

As always, let me know what your current favorite songs or artists are.



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  • Writer's pictureCarly Dibble

The long weekend is over and I can't help but look forward to the next. Many memories are made on the lake. Families and friends from all over the country flock to our small town to enjoy each others company on the water. Why not make it as safe as possible?

A boaters license is required to drive a boat, but nobody tells you what to actually expect when you're on the water. I've always wondered how many people take their test who have never actually been on the water or in a boat? Kind of scary!

Luckily, I grew up with family (and their friends) teaching me how to be the best boater that I could be. My dad made me get my license to drive a boat before he even let me get one to drive a car. I have some friends that were raised the same so we joke around that our "Lake IQ" is higher than most. The lake can be the most fun place to relax and let loose, but there are still rules.

Whether it's the law or just common sense, here are a few things you should know. This goes out to the captain AND everyone else on the boat.

*In no particular order*

SIT DOWN - You cannot be standing up when the boat is moving. This is a law. You are asking to be pulled over. No, standing up and holding onto the boat doesn't make it okay.

YOUR BUTT GOES ON A SEAT - Same as above. You cannot sit on the back of the seat, just like your momma doesn't want you sitting on the back of her couch. It isn't safe when the boat is moving.

GET INVITED BACK - If you are heading out on a friends boat, you should offer some gas money. Filling up a boat with gas is much more expensive than (most) vehicles. Your captain might say no, but slip them a $10 or $20 anyway. Along with that - bring snacks or extra drinks even if everyone says they've got it covered. Gas, drinks, and snacks are something you can't have enough of.

NO WAKE ZONE - You saw this posted by the boat docks, but it applies to SO much more. We allll know you want to throw your kids off the tube or do all those donuts on your JetSki. Find a cove WITHOUT boats anchored and tied together. Yes, you may have to search for one. Nobody wants to spend their day holding boats from hitting together.

DON'T BE TRASHY - For the love of all that is holy, DO NOT - I repeat - DO NOT throw trash in the lake. Do not let your friends sink bottles, ever. I don't care if "Nobody is around to see it." If you see trash when you're cruising down the lake, spend 30 seconds to stop and grab it. Every single boat dock will be more than happy to give you a trash bag if you forgot one that day.

EMBRACE THE WAVE - Nope, not the waves in the water. You're in South now which means Southern hospitality and we wave to strangers around here. Just a little wave back will suffice. Let your kids know about this and watch them wave to strangers with a smile on their face all day.

I know I could keep on going with these, but I'll stop for now.

What is an Unspoken Lake Rule you love?

Enjoy ~ Happy Boating!


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  • Writer's pictureCarly Dibble

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

If you live in Mountain Home and run a business, then you are probably spending this week gearing up for a long, busy weekend. With all of the water near Mountain Home it is a favorite for many families and friends to gather.

I've been lucky to grow up here with Lake Norfork in my backyard, but I know many travel here for the fun. Growing up it seemed like a typical nothing-to-do town and wow was I wrong. There are so many here that take this beautiful place for granted. It deserves to be shown off and appreciated!

Ever wonder what else we do around here?

Here are just a few hidden - LOCAL - gems that I love!

FOOD - Life revolves around it, right?

Cove Coffee - A must-stop each time you come to town whether you are a coffee drinker or you prefer tea, smoothies, or infused water. The barista is sure to help you find something to make you smile. Cove has pastries delivered fresh daily so you can stop for your morning fix then relax on one of their comfy couches to enjoy it before you start your day. PS - bring your own cup from home and they are happy to fill it! My favorite: The Ladybug Latte (hot)

House of Pizza - A personal favorite because their ranch can't be beat. If you aren't feeling pizza, try the Quesa Pizza Sandwich - you will be HOOKED!

Whispering Woods - The view alone here deserves a visit. Throw in the food they have and it is amazing. They are the perfect date night spot, but also welcoming to families and large parties. Enjoy the view and food from their patio (sometimes with live music) for the full experience. If you like burgers, then you'll need to ask about their Burger of the Month because they never disappoint.

Clayton's Downtown Grill - Honestly, click the link to their website because just the food pictures will make you want to go immediately. They are the newest to the area on this list and everyone has been SO happy to have them. The downtown location is perfect because Mountain Home now has an Entertainment District that benefits this. (More on that below) If you're looking to try it out, I highly recommend checking their hours and making reservations because they fill up quick, great sign!

White River Smoke - A food truck that you'll start following around town. Check their location for the day on Facebook and even call ahead to order if you need to grab-and-go. Get the nachos (they'll just about feed the whole family) and the banana bread pudding. Thank me later!

Heidi's Ugly Cakes - Located in Norfork so a short drive from Mountain Home, but worth every. single. mile. They'll make up lunch bags to take on the river if you've got a long day ahead. Only open 10:30am to 2:30pm Tues-Sat, you NEED to get out there when you can. My favorite: Fried Bologna Sandwich with Potato Salad (Once again this can easily feed two people but I get it if you don't want to share!)

PJ's Lodge and River Run Restaurant - Fine dining located right on the river for a beautiful view. If you're needing a nice outing with even better food, then this is the place for you! They even offer a Sunday Brunch. I recommend a reservation for every visit.

AFTER DINNER - You went out to eat, now what?

Before I start this I want to talk more about the Entertainment District. This began July 24, 2019 and has only helped our area come together and enjoy our downtown. Entertainment District means that between 4:30pm and midnight people are allowed to buy drinks (yes, alcohol) from businesses surrounding the square. More on this here. Coolest part about this? Mountain Home was the first Entertainment District to start in Arkansas.

Live music has always brought people to the square on Friday nights throughout the summer season and this year the city has switched it up a bit. If you go by Hickory Park (near the square) you'll notice a new, large stage. Music will continue to happen each Friday there, but on some Saturdays you can check out an even bigger event - The Baxter Summer Concert Series. I didn't get to attend the first one last weekend, but I have heard nothing but amazing things! This is part of the Entertainment District which allows you to enjoy dinner and drinks on the square and bring drinks over to the concert after. If you're not quite ready to go home, then you can go back to the square for more drinks, music, and fun.

Crush Studio - Yep, we have a wine bar. We are officially not boring. Check out the Wine Walk that happens every Thursday. Bring your friends and family, a lawn chair or blanket, and come thirsty! My favorite: Sake Bloody Mary or Fancy

Rapp's Barren Brewing Company - Rapp's made Mountain Home earn some "cool points" a few years back and they keep getting better. They are always brewing something different, but keep some staples on the menu. The family-friendly atmosphere can't be beat if you're looking for a relaxing evening (they close at 9pm) out of the house. Board games can always be found and you'll want to check their Facebook to see what food truck will be around or who will be playing live music. Also - a little birdie told me they will be joining the Entertainment District so you can enjoy them there soon enough too!


Aspire Outdoors - There's something for everyone here! Women and men can find clothing, shoes, and anything fishing related here. The staff is always willing to help answer questions and make sure you're getting just what you need to have fun outside! A few apparel brands they carry: Huk, Fayettechill, Chaco, Teva, Sorel, PrAna, Patagonia, Silver Denim, Costa, Oakley, AFTCO, Kuhl, & more!

Shabby 2 Chic Salon & Boutique - Ladies, you need a trip here. They've got clothing, perfect little gift items, hair care, and more! Check out their social media for the latest arrivals.

Posh Boutique - Just a short walk down from T.J. Maxx so next time you make a trip - stop by! They carry well known brands like Show Me Your Mumu, Free People, Tom Ford, Birkenstock, plus their accessories couldn't get any cuter.

Freckles Chic - Always a great place to check out whether you need a baby gift, wedding gift, or an outfit for date night. PSA - don't smell the volcano candle because it's so good you can't leave without it!

I hope you find something new out of this!

Stay safe and Happy 4th of July,


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