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Updated: Apr 29, 2020


Let's hope not much outside of your home. Lol

I posted a few weeks ago about starting a blog. I spent the night creating a website and my first blog post. The tornado hit Nashville the next day so this got put off for obvious reasons.

Now here we are. All in quarantine with our technology.

I kept thinking that I wanted everything to be perfect when I got this thing launched, but that's just not reality. It won't ever be perfect. Sorry in advance if I make a grammar mistake here and there.. I know it's inevitable.

An "About Me" post will be coming soon, but for now I wanted to get this thing launched so I could start writing some fun small pieces here and there.



Photo: I came home this weekend (March 11) before everything was totally shut down and ended up staying much longer.

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  • Writer's pictureCarly Dibble

Starting a blog for fun has been something I've thought about for a couple years now. Super millennial of me, right?

I wanted to use my first post to introduce myself. Hi, I'm Carly Dibble.

Arkansas was my home until July of 2019. I graduated from Arkansas State University in May of 2018, Majored in Strategic Communications with an Emphasis in Public Relations and Minored in Marketing. Needing only one more class to graduate, I took a job in my hometown and moved back in December of 2017.

If you would've asked me 8, 6, or even 3 years ago if I would move back to Mountain Home after college, then you would've gotten a HECK NO. December and I did it. :) I started doing the buying and social media for Aspire Outdoors. I truly had the most fun job coming right out of college. I met the coolest people around the country, learned an insane amount, and got to shop a whole lot. Paychecks=Clothing, whoops!

I knew after a year or so of being back home that it was time to do something to challenge myself more. My job was amazing, my best friends were all in town, my family took me back in (bless them) and the summer was coming up quick. I played with the idea of opening an online boutique, starting a social media management company, and I was even working on getting my real estate license.

I would sit at home and read about jobs that I could only dream on having in Nashville. I'd apply to some anyways because why not? I ended up searching for jobs in Nashville, Dallas, Austin, Fayetteville, just to name a few. Of course, Nashville has always had my heart. Facebook Groups are something I found the most handy. Yes, even more than LinkedIn and Indeed!

A few months went by, it was summer, and nothing was panning out so I left all the groups so I could enjoy the best season with my friends. I decided I would try again in September, but in June I got a call that would change my life. Seriously.

In a matter of weeks I packed my car up, found a place to stay, and started working at Romeo Entertainment Group.

New city, new job, new apartment - you get the point.

There's not much I don't like to do, but that's what you can read about as this happens.

My main topics I'm hoping to post about are Nashville things to do or not do, general life events, and alll things music.

If we're not already - let's be friends on socials! Let me know what you want to hear about moving forward. I'm an open book.

Thanks for reading this far if you're still here!



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