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*Amazon Addicts Stay Out*

I've said it once and I'll say it again - Amazon is a dangerous place. Check out some stuff I've ordered lately!

  1. The perfect size clear bag for all of your concert + sporting event needs! I ordered the neon for a couple festivals and it's been my go-to since it came in.

  2. This buttery soft body suit that I've been wearing under allll the summer babydoll dresses.. Comes in 10+ colors so take your pick!

  3. Keeping up with a tripod is inconvenient so this grippy you can stick on any phone case solves the problem as long as you've got a flat surface. It also makes watching something on your phone on an airplane muuuch easier.

  4. A friend of mine took this on our Greece trip and I immediately ordered one once I got home. Most music festivals now you can bring in an empty water bottle to use the fill stations (airport too of course) so this one that fits in your clear purse is perfect!

  5. I thought I'd start playing golf again a few months ago so I needed something with a collar to wear and ordered these. I've been living in them (still haven't golfed - LOL whoops) since then and they are SO soft and thin! Three pullovers for less than $40? Yes, please.

  6. I'm linking these biker shorts again because it's biker shorts season and you need this three pack. I'm on summer #2 with these and they're the perfect fit.

  7. During the summer months I literally live in a swimsuit so naturally I can't stop buying them. This is my favorite one I've gotten this year and I WISH I would've ordered it months ago. Super flattering!

  8. Another thing I ordered for Greece that I will always keep in my suitcase for work travels now and any trip that's more than 3-4 days. Maybe I need a whole post on Greece trip things since I packed in a carry-on for 10 days? Anyway - You NEED these Sink Suds. Easiest laundry in your sink if you've got time for things to air dry.

  9. I love when I buy something and then I go to link it and it's half the price that I paid - It's your lucky day! If you want to hop on the over the ear headphone trend, you need these JBL headphones.

  10. Last, but not least.. This whole list of wedding guest dresses. I panicked and ordered all of them (try on haul coming soon on TikTok?) so we will see which I end up wearing, but surprisingly I like them all!?

That is all. Happy Shopping. :)

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