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Coronavirus Quarantine.. What better time to start a blog?

Updated: Apr 29, 2020


Let's hope not much outside of your home. Lol

I posted a few weeks ago about starting a blog. I spent the night creating a website and my first blog post. The tornado hit Nashville the next day so this got put off for obvious reasons.

Now here we are. All in quarantine with our technology.

I kept thinking that I wanted everything to be perfect when I got this thing launched, but that's just not reality. It won't ever be perfect. Sorry in advance if I make a grammar mistake here and there.. I know it's inevitable.

An "About Me" post will be coming soon, but for now I wanted to get this thing launched so I could start writing some fun small pieces here and there.



Photo: I came home this weekend (March 11) before everything was totally shut down and ended up staying much longer.

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