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Hello, 2021!

How the heck did we get here?!

Seriously, 2020 flew by and drug on forever all at the same time. Is that possible? Apparently it is.

I've been MIA and honestly just in a music funk. There are amazing songs coming out and I love it! Missing concerts, work and Nashville in general just make me sad. #2020problems that are now #2021problems.

I'll make it simple and give you a list of some artists that you should check out and then some songs I can't stop playing.

Artists I'm loving...

Songs I can't stop playing...

I Do Thing - Kylie Frey (I've loved this SO much since the day it was released. It's just a feel good, jam in your car, kind of song!)

The F Word - Josh Kiser

City of Shame - Kat Hasty

Vegetables - Clayton Landua Music

Texas Rain - Graycie York (If you haven't heard the original, listen to it before!)

Range Rover - Devin Dawson

Ups And Downs - Josh Meloy

Marlboro Man - Colten Jesse

Linda James - Nicholas Jamerson, The Morning Jays (Go listen to this whole album)

Happy listening and don't forget to send me song recommendations!

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