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Hello, May!

Gooood morning and happy Friday! I’m still confused how it’s May already??

Last weekend Lacey (coworker) was kind enough to come with me to see Paul Cauthen last minute after she got back from working in Alabama! 😊 The show was at Brooklyn Bowl (easily my favorite venue in Nashville) and was sold out. His band is incredibly talented and the show is nothing but high energy. I’ve tried to explain it to some people, but “a vibe” is the only way I know how. As soon as he gets on stage the whole mood changes and nobody in the crowd can stand still.

  • After seeing him in 2021 at Calf Fry I went and read his bio online and then listened to Room 41 and had a whole new respect for him/his music

  • April 1 he released Country Coming Down after “playing more golf than he ever thought he’d get to at places he didn’t think he’d have the chance to”

  • After only seeing him at a red dirt festival in OK, I wasn’t sure what age demo would be at a show here. I think I was one of the youngest in the room?? The crowd was eclectic, but a LOT of 28-40 year old couples dancing and having a night out.

  • From a different show but a good video you can see his energy on stage -

Dri (coworker) and I went to Live Oak on Monday to catch Kat & Alex play a writers round – We both agreed that if they aren’t winning Duo of the Year awards in the next few years, then something is wrong. They released “Let’s Find A Bar” today!

Chris Colston also played at Live Oak and has never disappointed.

Whiskey On You – Nate Smith went viral with “I Don’t Wanna Go To Heaven” earlier this year and has teased “Whiskey On You” for months before finally releasing it today. He’s reached over a million followers on TikTok now and you can scroll through his page to see how consistent he’s had to be on the platform to keep that growing.

Next Week in Nash: Nash.TN Presents Smoking Section Live w/ Jimmie Allen, Abby Anderson, Robyn Ottolini, Frank Ray, Aaron Goodvin, Alana Springsteen, Neon Union, and Landon Parker. This event is happening Tuesday at 6th & Peabody for free!

More new music 😊

Last – This article gave me goosebumps so I had to share!

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