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I'm Addicted...

If there's on thing that I wish Spotify would do, it's have an option to see how many times you've streamed a certain song. I always catch myself and hear others saying "Oh I bet 1,000 of those streams is just from me" when artists post about how many streams a song has.

The "On Repeat" playlist that Spotify creates is a blessing and a curse. Obviously it's full of songs that I can't turn off, but then I get sucked into listening to it on repeat so those songs aren't likely to be removed from the playlist.

There are 30 songs that fit on the "On Repeat" playlist and here's a full list of artist that are featured on mine currently...

  • Zach Bryan (8)

  • Kaitlin Butts (1)

  • Josh Meloy (2)

  • Ashland Craft (1)

  • ERNEST (5)

  • EMELINE (1)

  • Ian Munsick (1 w/ CoJo)

  • Cody Johnson (2)

  • Ella Langley (5)

  • Priscilla Block (2)

  • Kat Hasty (1)

  • Randy Houser (1)

  • Dylan Marlowe (1)

Can y'all tell that I find an artist and listen on repeat until I move on or what??

Anyway, send new music my way. Please & thank you :)

If you're curious -- On Repeat

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