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Music Monday 5/4/2020

Every week there are thousands of new songs added to Spotify. Millions, maybe?

Friday is when the Playlists I follow get updated and the bulk of songs get released. I follow many artists on Twitter so I get to see the hype when they are about to release or a fan first realizes they have a new song out.

Every Friday I can't help but wake up extra early and just queue up anything that looks appealing. It's almost like Christmas morning once a week, some weeks obviously more exciting than others.

Music Monday will be a little recap of some songs I enjoyed over the weekend.

In no particular order:

1. The K Is Silent - Hot Country Knights

You need to be following them because you're sure to get a laugh. Dierks Bentley and Travis Tritt are just two of the members of this country parody band.

2. Grass That Isn't Green - J.R. Carroll

Zach Bryan (mentioned in my last music blog post) tweeted about this guy releasing his first song. "He is hands down a better musician than me by ten fold, and I reckon you should listen to this. It is an absolute piece of home" J.R currently has 1,311 twitter followers and since releasing this song last Friday (May 1) has 2.5k monthly Spotify listeners.

3. Six Feet Apart - Luke Combs

Not much needed here. Can he do anything wrong?

4. Julianna Calm Down - The Dixie Chicks

They were my first love and my first concert ever in third grade. I cried leaving the concert because I thought "seeing them" was "meeting them" and I really didn't understand when we were headed to the car and I hadn't hugged them yet. Anyways, I am a SUCKER for a sad song and I really think I'd love this more just stripped down a little. I know nothing can be recreated, but wow I need this album to measure up to Wide Open Space, Fly, Home, or Top of the World. Bad.

5. War With My Mind - Flatland Cavalry

This came out a week earlier than the rest, but can't be looked over. "If you’re not on the Flatland Cavalry bandwagon now, get your ass on it. It’s going to fill up fast" Cleto Cordero (lead singer) said that he wrote this years ago when he was home alone for awhile. He and his fiancé were living long distance at the time and he just felt alone. This song couldn't have been saved to be released at a more perfect time.

6. Mommas - The Swon Brothers

Because it's Mother's Day Week. <3

As always, I hope you listen to a little something new this week.


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