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Nashville Cravings

Well.. I started a blog Monday about my Nashville reccomendations and then got side tracked. Of course it didn't save. It's fine, I'm fine.

I decided I'd do it a little different than I planned anyway. This blog will be dedicated to one of my absolute favorite parts of Music City. FOOD!

If you know me, then you know what is about to be first on the list.

Yep, Bartaco. It's in the cutest area, 12 South, that has some shopping and a few murals to take photos at before or after you eat. They change their menu to keep it fresh every once in awhile, but the duck taco and the pork belly taco will always be my favorite. I literally only ever ordered either because a bartender told me I needed to. Now I cannot get enough! The tuna taco, corn fritters (when they have them), and fried avocado tacos are all 10/10. *They don't take reservations, but you can download their app and put yourself on the waiting list before you arrive. DO NOT be intimidated by the wait. Grab a drink at the bar (everything is freshly squeezed) and if a seat at the bar opens up, just eat there.

The Hampton Social is next! It opened just before my birthday in 2020 so I got to eat in the second level dining room for that. I don't think ANY of us had a negative word to say. The food was great and the view was beautiful. This past weekend we ate in the bar area downstairs. It's super casual, but adorable. Must try: Garlic Parmesan Fries and their guac!

*They DO take reservations online only, so definitely call ahead if you're eating anytime after 3pm. Once it is warm outside again, you'll most likely need a reservation no matter what time it is.

Maybe too basic now, but LA Jackson is great. It's the rooftop of The Thompson Hotel and you never know what "star" you could see going in and out. They have an amazing view (Hello, cute IG pics!) and pretty specialty drinks. Once again, their parmesan fries are great. Maybe I just love fries? Who can be too sure.

*They do not take reservations ever.

Hopsmith Tavern is one of my favorite brunch spots to bring people to. BOGO bottles of champagne can be thanked for that one. It's hard to pick a favorite meal from here because I really get something different each time. Their French Toast is insane if you like something sweet with brunch + any of their tacos can't do you wrong. Their location is even better. It's right in Midtown just a couple feet from the famous Winners & Losers.

*They do take reservations over the phone or online.

The Grilled Cheeserie is just what it sounds like. I first had them from a food truck at CMA Fest in 2017. They changed the grilled cheese game and I am HERE for it. Favorite: Pimento Mac & Chee with a cup of Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup.. Now I'm hungry.

*They've got one location inside a Hunters Station in East Nashville (recommend if the whole group is craving something different) and one location in Hillsboro Village. No reservations because you order at the front then sit where you can.

I never tried Biscuit Love when I lived in Nash because I thought it was just another overrated place that was always too busy from tourists. I was wrong. Whoops! It's delicious and I missed out on many times I could've eaten it. Whatever you get, you HAVE to get an order of Bonuts with it. It's a rule and I don't make the rules.

*There is one location in The Gulch and one location in Hillsboro Village. If you're cool with not eating inside, I'd absolutely recommend using their website to order pick-up. You can skip the (inevitable) long line, grab, and enjoy.

Peter's Sushi & Thai in Brentwood is worth the drive! If you're a real sushi eater, you probably order more than one roll. It gets pricey! This isn't a "nice" place that you'd dress up for, but the food is something special. It's been around for years and you'll see that it should be "famous" right when you walk in the door to see signed photos of stars right on the wall.

Restoration Hardware is the perfect mid-day snack and vino spot. If you've been shopping or are about to shop around the Green Hills area, this is a must. Order a glass of wine and dream about alll the furniture. You'll want at least an hour for this!

Find the closest Jeni's Spendid Ice Cream to you and try it. If I could order their Goat Cheese & Cherry ice cream to Arkansas, I would ASAP. Sounds insane, but wow it is GOOD.

*Use maps to find which is closest because I recommend waiting in line to try allll the flavors. If you don't have time and need to order, that's also an option.

Side Note: I just found that they DO deliver. BRB spending way too much $$$ on ice cream.

Annnd some others that couldn't be left out...

Saint Anejo (potato taco is my fav), Moto, Superica, City Fire, Sunda, or Virago in The Gulch

Duke's, Five Points Pizza, and Rosepepper Cantina in East Nashville

Merchants (get loaded tots), Robert's Western World (fried bologna), The Diner, The Southern, and Bakersfield in SoBro/Downtown

What is your favorite Nashville spot that I've missed?



Pictured: Parmesan Garlic Fries, Tomato Bisque & Guacamole from Hampton Social


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