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New Music Monday 8/10/2020

Heyo! It's be awhile!

I've been trying to figure my life out.. Again. Does anyone really have that figured out?? I'm learning the answer is no 9 times out of 10.

Anyways, I've still been listening to music because it's about the only thing that is consistent in life right now. I thought I'd be able to sit and get these song roundups out weekly. HA! Here we are months later and I've got some new favorites.

First off, follow me on Spotify! Each month I create a new playlist and add songs that I've liked or just want to listen to again later that have been released. I also have a playlist that is basically a sneak peek inside my soul if anyone needs to run through that. If you see me jamming out in my car alone, it's probably with this on.

Short and sweet, here are some songs or artists I can't get enough of right now.

In no particular order...

You've probably hopped on the Hardy train by now, but this song was released July 24 and I have had it on repeat. So far Hardy can do no wrong and I just hope that continues.

F2020 - Avenue Beat

Okay, I'm really just proud of these girls. They were big on Disney Radio with "Ruin That For Me" and "Delight" and now they've released this song after going viral on TikTok. “It’s like that was baby us,” Backoff agrees in a Rolling Stone article released July 22. I agree 100%. I got to meet the girls in San Antonio back in December and could tell they were personable, witty, and just funny. I'm happy that TikTok let them show their personality to build a fan base organically like they have the last couple months. Give "I don't really like your boyfriend" a listen while you're at it because I know almost every girl out there can relate.

I linked the acoustic version of this because those always stand out a little more to me.

Yesterday I was pushing next to a bunch of songs that Spotify wanted me to listen to and this guy popped up. His album "Country Fried" was released July 3 and I spent the night listening. Coolest part? He's from Lamar, AR. I remember seeing him on American Idol, but I guess I never put the Arkansas part together. A few more favorites from the album: My Grandpa, You Mean A Lot To Me, Midnight Fire, and Leaving You for Me

Lie to Me - Sam Riggs

Vinyl - Upchurch

Young Man - The Dixie Chicks

Bonus song that I assume 99% of you reading this already have heard - God's Country. Not new, but Devin Dawson was one of the writers and his version will always be my favorite. Thank me later!

As always, let me know what your current favorite songs or artists are.



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