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.... One Year Later

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Alright, it's been more than a year. Whoops!

I started writing for work so I make time to do this again. Here's a mix of new songs, videos I love or some things that've blown up on TikTok/social media just for fun.

First up… Zach Bryan... Is anyone surprised? LOL if you know me, then you're not at all. He has a 33 song album releasing May 20. “Something in the Orange” came out April 22 and on April 23 there were 15-20k people singing it back to him at Auburn Rodeo. He release two versions of it and one has 2.5M streams on Spotify alone in one week.

For those of you that have TikTok -

This guy popped up on my page after he posted one of his first videos and has over 70k followers in less than two months time. The way people are interacting with his page shows how die-hard the people are that listen to this whole genre of music. If you need any new music ideas in the “country-rock-Texas-outlaw-ish” scene, check out the page for ideas or just follow for some entertainment. 😊

A few other artists..

  • Josh Meloy – Love. Love. Love. He's Oklahoma based and just been doing the bar scene mainly from what I've seen. He’s is that “raw country rock” feel. He's first of three at The Ryman in August and I am SO bummed that I'll be working another show out of town. His voice stands out from other artists – He’s one that I’ve played in the car with my family and every single time my dad has to ask who it is because it stands out. Here’s the countryvsmetal guy listening to Josh Meloy -

  • Bailey Zimmerman is who did a showcase at Losers a few months ago that a few of my coworkers went to and I regret missing it. He has doubled in TikTok followers since then (more than 700k now) and has 1.2M monthly listeners on Spotify. Another one that is very much rock country.

    • Songs to listen to: Change, Fall In Love, Never Comin’ Home

  • Ella Langley is who my coworker and I saw open for Randy Houser a few weeks ago and came to work the next day talking about, but her new song comes out around Mother’s Day and I can’t wait for it. “If You Have To” has been on my repeat playlist since seeing her. She has toured with Randy Houser, Elle King, and Koe Wetzel recently. Elle King’s “Out Yonder” that just came out is one she helped write it one weekend they were on the road together.

  • KTLYN – Female rapper from the L.A. area that blew up on TikTok after adding her own flare on "HANDSOMER" by Russ. He asked her to tour with him so that just started a few weeks ago and just announced that she signed to Diamond Records with him. She had just at 100k monthly listeners on Spotify about 6 weeks ago and is over 3M today. Andale has been on repeat on my workout playlist since finding it.

  • Kaitlin Butts – Her new album came out Good Friday (literally been waiting years for this one!!) and she had two songs on the “Texas Music Pickers” charts ( the week after. She is married to Cleto Cordero who is the lead singer of Flatland Cavalry and she just signed with WME a few weeks ago. We all need to see more females on lineups everywhere. When I saw her two summers ago at Weedstock in Oklahoma she came on stage to WAP if that tells you anything about her personality – SO FUN.

OK that’s all for now – Happy Friday 😊

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